Early career start! Cultural experience, relaxed lifestyle and Ukrainian management! Everything you need to enjoy your first international experience.

 Job summary:

Become a member of the Italian textile production! Join weaving production team in Hungary. You will be engaged in producing high quality fabrics which are base material for special sports and technical garments.

Salary information:

  • Basic Net Salary: 360 EUR monthly
  • Shift allowance 50 EUR monthly
  • Cafeteria card 60 EUR monthly
  • Christmas bonus 200 EUR
  • Production bonus 35 EUR monthly
  • Bonus after 5 years of employment 165 EUR
  • Over time allowance +100%
  • Different children allowances
  • Allowance for glasses every 3 years
  • Bonus for new employee recruiting – 130 EUR


  • Accommodation: 300 EUR (provided by employer)
  • Visa / Work Permit: 100 EUR (provided by employer)
  • Travel to Hungary: 50 EUR provided by employer
  • Vacation: from 20 days paid leave,
  • Medical and health insurance provided by employer
  • Recruiting Program paid by employer, candidate has no recruiting program cost

Total per month- 830$


Hungary is a country in Central Europe bordering Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and Ukraine. Member of the European Union and the Schengen Border-less Europe Agreement. Stunning architecture, vital folk art, thermal spas and Europe’s most exciting capital after dark are Hungary’s major drawing cards. Hungary’s scenery is more gentle than striking. But you can’t say the same thing about the built environment across the land. Architecturally Hungary is a treasure trove, with everything from Roman ruins and medieval townhouses to baroque churches, neoclassical public buildings and art nouveau bathhouses and schools.

About the employer:

The company is engaged in producing high quality fabrics which are base material for special sports and technical garments. MitiTex produce a wide scale of innovative and sophisticated fabrics, from which the main proportion is stretch fabrics, with a state of the art technology, reliable, modern and efficient.

About the role:

Follow the work of looms. Thread the thread in the needle. Monitor the production process


  • partly control the weaving machine and the quality of fabrics
  • thread the looms with synthetic yarn (this is a meticulous manual work)

Skills and experience:

  • Manual dexterity,
  • good eyesight,
  • Russian/Ukrainian language,
  • no specific requirement to previous experience


MitiTex pays special attention not only to the quality of products but also to labor and environmental protection. It provides a modern, organized, conditioned, clean working environment and all protective tools, equipment prescribed by standards that are necessary for work. In this young and dynamic work environment, new employees can plan a long-term perspective.


  • visa
  • tickets
  • housing
  • meals
  • insurance
  • paid vacations
  • Bonuses+allowances