Are You Available for a Job in Dubai?

By Nataliia | September 20, 2016

No taxes and English as the working language make the Arab Emirates one of the most attractive countries for the job seekers. But this country is not as simple as it may seem at first sight. In order to obtain quick promotion, one should play the game of this area. Thus, this country is not

CV Writing Advice from ClarusApex

By Nataliia | July 18, 2016

Your Curriculum Vitae is a self-marketing tool and is designed in order for you to make it to the next step in the employment process. All you have to do is expand on your skills, and communicate your worth at the interview and you will achieve success. Consider why you want this job Before you

Job Interview Tips: How to Avoid Mistakes

By Nataliia | July 17, 2016

How soon can you make a good impression during an interview? I think, less than in five minutes. At the best, you have 15 minutes to make a strong impression before being blackballed by the employer. Due to our experience in recruiting, company ClarusApex prepared TOP-list of most detrimental blunders that candidates make during the the

Citymax Hotels Al Barsha in Dubai

By Nataliia | July 17, 2016

Citymax Hotels Al Barsha, the first budgetary hotel of Citymax Hotels network, opened on May 3, 2010. Located in the new business Area of Dubai (Arab Emirates), this hotel offers a convenient combination for business and rest and is developed specially for busy travelers and vacationers. The hotel combines the exclusive value of your requirement

Boutique Hotel in Doha, Qatar

By Nataliia | July 14, 2016

Boutique Hotel is one of the luxury hotel chain in Doha, Qatar. Given the fusion of Qatar culture and 21st century luxury in our 8 boutique hotels, the popular Souk Waqif is the perfect location for our 5-star retreats. The labyrinthine-like market and its cobbled streets, close to Doha’s waterfront and whose name translates as “standing market,”

Where do Nurses Get the Highest Wage Rate?

By Nataliia | July 10, 2016

United Kingdom is well known as country with lots of health care services. Health care professionals don’t just work in hospitals – there is a huge range of settings you can work in. Nurses will find lots of opportunities to become staff nurses, clinical nurses, mental health nurses, learning disability nurses or directors of nursing

How Can Ukrainians and Non Europeans Work Legally in the Netherlands?

By Nataliia | July 10, 2016

Welcome for work and live in Netherlands! Do you want to have a legal dream job in a cosmopolitan safe stable and modern European country? The country with warm welcome for foreign workers and very attractive to live and work in! We can do this while you dream about it! You are from Ukraine or

Hilton Hotel in Dubai

By Nataliia | February 11, 2014

Hotel offers a unique world of style, service and connection in gateway cities and exclusive leisure destinations around the globe. Hotel offers discreet modern elegance in the heart of Dubai’s financial and shopping district where guests can discover superb business and leisure amenities at one of the world’s favorite luxury destinations. Enjoy modern luxury. All

Do you have a job that the average person doesn’t even know exists?

By admin | March 19, 2018

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