The company provides the best services on dermatology and Cosmetology by experienced doctors. Maintaining skin with leading medical brand along with special laser machines for skin rejuvenation, tightening and brightening.
  • Evaluate patients’ skin condition;
  • Assess and update patients’ medical history;
  • Keep a record of patients’ symptoms;
  • Analyze all information regarding skin health conditions;
  • Prescribe medication;
  • Inform patients about available treatments;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of skin treatments;
  • Conduct non-intrusive medical surgeries;
  • Educate patients on preventive skincare;
  • Refer patients to other specialists if needed;
  • Attend conferences and seminars to learn about new medical techniques and topics.
  • Previous experience as a dermatologist;
  • In-depth knowledge of various dermatological methods;
  • Ability to analyze complex information;
  • Active communication skills and the ability to effectively explain medical terms to patients;
  • A resilient and compassionate personality;
  • Strong attention to detail;
  • A national medical license;
  • A degree in Medical Science.
  • salary 5000- 7000$ (depends on experience);
  • accommodation is provided by the employer;
  • medical insurance is provided by the employer;
  • visa is provided by the employer;
  • ticket to Oman is provided by employer + annual ticket to the home country;
  • bonus system;
  • paid vacation: 30 days.